Fine French Porcelain Charlie

This Parrot is always prized for the bright hues of their colourful plumage, which alternates, in an infinite kaleidoscope of nuances, green, yellow, red, blue, black and orange.

  • Hand-painted Limoges Trinket trayArt on Porcelain6 X 8 inches (16X20 centimeters)Limited Collection, Numbered porcelainMade in France You will received the porcelain from france in one to two weeks

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  • Apothecary Jar collection Johnie the Magician BirdPorcelain from LimogesHand paintedGilded with fine gold in reliefThe golden fruits are painted embossedNumbered and signedHeight 7 inches - Diameter 3 inches You will receive your Porcelain Apothecary Jar within seven to ten working days.

    399,00 €
  • Porcelain Vase Magician Birds collectionUnique creationLimoges porcelain VaseHand-painted in ParisGold is deposited embossedNumbered and signed You will receive your Porcelaine Vase Magician Birds within one week

    2 500,00 €
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  • Limoges France Tea CupEach cup is gold embossed, numbered and signed Made in France.The diameter is 4 inches, the height is 3 inchesBlue Package You will receive your order within 2 weeks

    160,00 €
  • Limoges Porcelain French Plate Charlie Collection The design is treated in relief and the gold fruits are delicately deposited on the porcelain according to the know-how Sélignac.Hand painted and gilded with fine goldDiameter of 26 centimeters (about 10 inches)Numbered and signed You will receive your Charlie Limoges Porcelain French Plate in porcelain...

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  • Handpainted Limoges porcelain dinnerware from FranceDiameter 12 inches (31 centimeters)Handmade and handpainted in our workshop, on fine white porcelain with 24K gold accents You will receive your plate (s) in two to three weeks.

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  • Apothecary Jar Magician Bird JohniePorcelain from LimogesHand painted in ParisThe golden fruits and the plumage of the bird are painted embossedGilded with fine goldNumbered and signedHeight of 28 centimeters and diameter of 13 centimeters (about 11 and 5.1 inches) You will receive your Johnie Apothecary Jar within seven to ten business days.

    1 105,00 €
  • Porcelain Apothecary JarCollection The Magician BirdsHand paintedPorcelain from LimogesJohnie's plumage is painted in reliefNumbered and signedDiameter of 9 centimeters and height of 20 centimeters (about 3.5 and 7.9 inches) You will receive your Porcelain Apothecary Jar within seven to ten working days.

    499,00 €
  • Apothecary Jar "Johnie"Collection The Magician BirdsFrench porcelain from LimogesHand paintedGold fruits are painted embossed on porcelainNumbered and signedHeight: 24 centimeters and diameter: 10.5 centimeters (about 9.5 and 4 inches) You will receive your Apothecary Jar Johnie within seven to ten working days.

    775,00 €
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