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    • Limoges Cat Pill Box – « The Playful Cat »Limoges porcelain, Decorative cat figurine.Painted by hand.Numbered and signed.Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.1 x 3.8 centimeters (L x W x H)Made in France.Packaged in an elegant ice blue gift box. You will receive your Limoges Cat Pill Box in 5 to 8  working days.

      82,50 €
    • Personalized Baby Gift - Limoges Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box with Teddy BearLimoges porcelain.Hand-painted.Numbered and signed.Gilded with fine gold.Height 2 inches and Diameter 2,5 inches. Made entirely in France.  Add a intials or date for free. Allow 2 weeks for receiving your order with personalisation

      112,50 €
    • French Limoges porcelain Hand-paintedNumbered CollectionHeight 2 inches and Diameter 2.5 inches. Gift Box  Allow two weeks for receiving your order with personnalisation.

      112,50 €
    • Authentic French Hand-Painted Limoges Trinket BoxHand painted, Embossed Gold Selignac savoir-faire Add personalization on the box  Numbered and signedDiameter: 6 cm (2,5 inches) Height: 3.5 cm (1,5 inches)Packaging: Blue box You will receive your French Porcelain Box within one to two weeks.

      120,83 €
    • Roses and Lilacs Porcelain Solange BoxLimoges porcelainHand-painted and Gilded in fine gold.Numbered and signed. Length 7.5 cm x width 4.5 cm x height 2.3 cm. Made entirely in France.Add a short text or date for free.Allow two weeks for delivery of you Roses and Lilacs Porcelain Box overseas.

      112,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Hand-Painted Numbered CollectionDimensions: 8 centimeters / 3.15 inch Gift Box You will receive your French Porcelain within eight days.

      112,50 €
    • Limoges porcelainHand-painted, Gilded with fine goldNumbered collection  Diameter Top of the Lampshade : 8 cm - 3 inchesDiameter Bottom of the Lampshade : 20 cm - 8 inches Lamp top diameter: 4 cm - 1.5 inches Lamp body Diameter : 10 cm - 4 inches Lamp Bottom Diameter : 7 cm - 3 inches Height of the Lamp : 30 cm - 12 inches Gift Box Packaging  You will...

      332,50 €
    • Round Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box Limoges porcelainHand-paintedNumbered and signed Add a text Height 2 inches and Diameter 2.5 inches.Made in France.You will receive your Souricette Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box with one to two weeks

      112,50 €
    • Nursery Rhyme Personalized Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box. Hand painted.Numbered and signed.Dimensions :  6.5 cm x 5cm x 4.5 cm Made in France.A unique gift that you can personalized with initials, first name, date. . .  You will receive your Personalized Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box in approximately four weeks.

      112,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Egg  Hand-painted with Platinum and Gold  Laure SELIGNAC Gold Embossed Savoir-Faire  Numbered and signed Height 12 centimeters, Diameter 9 centimeters Compose your egg with French chocolates, a Porcelain necklace or a scented porcelain figurine - see options below Gift Box Packaging You will receive your personalized Limoges...

      191,67 €
    • Limoges porcelain heart boxHand-paintedNumbered and signed Add a text on the Limoges heart Box back Gilded with fine goldLength 2.75 inches Width: 3 inches Depth O,5 inchBlue Package Garnished with Butterfly Chocolates Allow between three to five days before shipment of your Limoges porcelain heart box.

      112,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Box Hand-Painted and gilded with fine gold Numbered and Signed Compose your Porcelain Box with French Chocolates, a Porcelain Necklace or a Scented figurine   Dimensions: Height 1 inch, Lenght 3 inches and Width 1,5 inch. (7.5 centimeters, 4 centimeters and 2,4 centimeters). Velvet Pouch and Gift Box Allow one week for receiving your...

      112,50 €
    • "Soleil Infini" Limoges Porcelain BoxHand-painted with fine goldNumbered and signedDiameter 16 centimeters (about 6 inches) and Height 9 centimeters (about 3.5 inches)Made in France Not available

      270,83 €
    • Limoges PorcelainHand-paintedNumbered Collection Gilded with fine gold14 x 18,5 centimeters ( About 5.5*7 inches) We are specialised in porcelain baby gifts: you can easily personalise each item with a name, a date or initials Unavailable Creation  

      126,67 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Angel Box Hand-Painted with gold in relief Numbered and signed by the artist Dimensions: Diameter: 6 cm (2,5 inches) Height: 3.5 cm (1,5 inches) Packaging: Blue box No Available

      120,83 €
    • Limoges PorcelainTooth BoxHand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine goldHeight 2 inches and Width 1,5 inchesMade in FranceBlue Package No Available

      82,92 €
    • Porcelain Tooth Fairy Box,Limoges Porcelain,Hand painted,Height 2 inches and Width 1,6 inchesGift Box This piece can be easily personalized with your child's name.You will receive your Livre de Vie Porcelain Tooth Box within one to two weeks

      82,92 €
    • Limoges Porcelain  Hand-painted porcelain    ONLY ONE BOX  Dimension : 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches)  Height: 6 cm (2 inches) Gift Box Packaging Once ordered, you should receive your French Hand painted Limoges Porcelain  Box within five to seven days.

      375,00 €
    • Hand-painted Limoges Porcelain Box, gilt with fine gold. Height 1 inch, Lenght 3 inches and Width 1,5 inch. "Muguet"  (Lily of the Valley) is hand-painted and embossed Gift BoxYou will receive the shipment on ine week.

      112,50 €
    • Decorative Porcelain Box from the Nymphea Collection by Helen CayolLimoges porcelain,Hand painted, and gilded with fine gold, Signed and numbered. 7 centimeters (2.7 inches) height, width and length 6 centimeters (2.3 inches).   You will receive your Decorative Porcelain Box from the Nymphea Collection by Helen Cayol within three to five days.

      137,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain EggHand-painted with platinum and gold. Numbered and signed. Height 15 cm (6.6 inches) and diameter 12 cm (about 5 inches). Made entirely in France Gift Box Packaging You will receive your Porcelain Egg from Hand Painted Exception Collection within one to two weeks.

      258,33 €
    • Personalized Baby Gift: Yellow Porcelain Heart Shaped Bowl with MouseLimoges porcelainHand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine goldDiameter: 8 inchesMade in France We ship worldwide: the USA, Europe, Japan, the Middle East. . .   You will receive your Yellow Porcelain Heart Shaped Bowl with Mouse within two weeks.     

      112,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Angel Box.Hand painted with gold reliefNumbered and signed by the artist.Clasp in form of angel.Color: chocolat.Dimensions: L12 x l8 x H9 cm. Made entirely in France.   You will receive your Limoges Porcelain Angel Box in approximately 5 days.

      208,33 €
    • Hand-painted porcelain egg, composed of Limoges porcelain, platinum and gold. Numbered and signedHeight 7,5 inches and diameter 6 inchesPersonalize with text of your choice, painted in egg box Gift Box Packaging  You will receive your porcelain egg,  within one to two weeks.

      525,00 €
    • Mango Butterfly Porcelain Heart Shaped DishFrench porcelain from Limoges,Hand-painted,Numbered and signed,Gilded with fine gold,5.11 x 5.11 inches ,Made in France,Allow between 10 and 15 days before shipment of your French Porcelain order.

      112,50 €
    • Porcelain Cross Necklace with Luxury Gold DetailHand painted with fine goldAbout 2.5 on 2 inches (6 x 5 centimeters)The chain measures about 16 inches (40 centimeters)Made entirely in France.Limoges porcelain jewelry You will receive your Sublim'Or Limoges Porcelain Cross Necklace with Luxury Gold Detail within ten days.

      132,50 €
    • Personalized Lily of the Valley Porcelain Box with DragonflyLimoges porcelain.Hand painted with gold relief.Numbered and signed.Height 9 centimeters(3.5 inches) Diameter 16 centimeters (about 6.5 inches) Lily of the Valley is hand-painted, gold embossed.Made in France.No Available

      270,83 €
    • French PorcelainHand-Painted Gift personalized with a name Exclusive creation Dimensions 7 X 8 inches (19X20 centimeters)Made in FranceAllow one week before shipment of porcelain creation.

      124,17 €
    • Limoges porcelainHand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine gold.Diameter: 8 inchesMade in France You will receive your French Porcelain within two weeks

      124,17 €
    • French HandPainted Limoges Box, Hand-Painted,Detailed with embossed GoldNumbered, Signed,Measures 1 ½" w x 1 ⅛" d x 2" h Allow one to two weeks for receiving your Hand-Painted Limoges Porcelain.

      112,50 €
    • Hand-Painted Limoges PorcelainPersonalize with the initial of your choiceChoose your colorHand-Painted Diameter of 7 centimeters and height of 8.5 centimeters (about 2.8 and 3.4 inches)Gift box packaging You will receive your Custom Tooth Mug within five to seven business days.

      66,67 €
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