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    Constellation Collection

    Immerse yourself with a mysterious galaxy of French Porcelain Art ! This collection is Hand-Painted with two techniques of Gold. Each detail is Hand-Painted and Gilded with fine gold, two shades of blue shines on French Porcelain : Royal blue, intense and Azure blue, soft and elegant.

    • Limoges Porcelain Hand painted Numbered collection Dimension: 13.5 centimeters / 5.32 inch Diameter : 8 centimeters / 3.15 inch Gift box packagingYou will receive this French Porcelain Vase within a week.

      230,00 €
      In Stock
    • Porcelain from Limoges Hand painted Numbered collection Dimension: 36 centimeters Diameter : 15 centimeters / 5.91 inchGift box packagingYou will receive this vase under a week.

      720,00 €
      In Stock
    • Limoges porcelainHand-Painted with platinum, one of the precious materials used by the AtelierNumbered collection Dimension : Diameter 11 centimeters (4 inches) and Height 20 centimeters (8 inches) Gift Box packaging You will receive your custom pharmacy Jar within five to ten business days.

      236,00 €
      In Stock
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