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    Poudre de Platine

    Discover the new Laure SELIGNAC trend: The Platinum Powder Collection!

    Modern and elegant, this luminous decor will delight your interiors by bringing them the Chic of French Art Porcelain.

    Reinvent Luxury by combining the Gold Powder and Platinum Powder collections, and be sure of a Splendid result on all your tables!

    • Limoges porcelain creamerPlatinum Hand painted according to Laure SELIGNAC's Savoir-Faire. Numbered and signed creation Height 7 centimeters ( 2,7 inches) -Width 5 centimeters ( 2 inches) -Length 13 centimeters ( 5 inches) Gift Box You will receive your  Limoges Porcelain Creamer in fine to seven working days.

      120,83 €
    • Hand-painted Limoges Porcelain Plate Platinum is deposited in relief according to the rare Savoir-Faire of Laure SELIGNAC. Diameter: 31 centimeters (12 inches) Gift Box Packaging You will receive your Poudre de Platine Plate within two weeks. 

      165,83 €
    • French Porcelain Dinnerware : Limoges cake platePoudre de Platine Collection by Laure SELIGNACHand-painted, gilded with fine Platinum according to the Unique Savoir-Faire Diameter: 18.5 centimeters (7 inches)Made in France Gift Box PackagingYou will receive your Poudre de Platine French porcelain plate within one to two weeks

      104,17 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Plate Hand painted and gilded with Platinum An innovative decor with a unique Savoir-Faire Diameter of 25 centimeters Porcelain numbered and signed. You will receive your Poudre de Platine plate (s) within five to seven business days.

      112,50 €
    • Hand-painted porcelain CupPoudre de Platine Collection by Laure SELIGNAC Hand-painted with fine Platinum Diameter : 4.5 centimeters / Height : 8.5 centimeters ( about 2 inches -3,5 inches) Possibility of customization Gift box packaging You will receive this Limoges Porcelain Cup within one to two weeks.

      82,50 €
    • Hand-painted French Porcelain TrayPoudre de Platine Collection by Laure SELIGNAC Hand-painted, gilded with fine Platinum Numbered and signed  Width 18 centimeters / Length: 30 centimeters ( about 7 inches - 12 inches) Gift Box Packaging You will receive this Poudre de Platine Limoges Porcelain Tray within one to two weeks.

      208,33 €
    • Limoges porcelainHand-painted with PlatinumDiameter Top of the Lampshade : 9 cm - 3,5 inchesDiameter Bottom of the Lampshade : 20 cm - 8 inches Lamp top diameter: 4 cm - 1.5 inches  Lamp body Diameter : 10 cm - 4 inches Lamp Bottom Diameter : 7 cm - 3 inches Lamp Height : 30 cm - 12 inches Numbered CollectionGift box packaging  You will receive your...

      332,50 €
    • Limoges Porcelain Pot    Hand-painted and gilded with Platinum leaves  Personalization option available Dimensions : Diameter 7 centimeters (3 inches), Height : 10 centimeters (4 inches) Numbered and Signed  Gift Box Packaging You will receive your Porcelain and Platinum Pot within one or two weeks 

      129,17 €
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