" Oiseaux du Président "French Porcelain Collection

  • "Oiseaux du Président" Porcelain CachePot Prix Laure Selignac WinnerHand painted, gilded with fine gold, numbered and signedDimensions: 7 x 6 inches Made in France. You will receive your Prix Laure Selignac Winner: "Oiseaux du Président" Porcelain cache-pot within eight days.

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  • Limoges porcelain Espresso CupHand-paintedGilded with fine goldNumbered and signedDiameter: 5 inchesHeight: 2,5 inchesMade in France You will receive your order within two weeks. A typical french piece of art on porcelain...

    140,00 €
  • Winner of Prix Laure Selignac "Oiseaux du Président" Red Porcelain Vase Featuring a Colorful BirdHand-painted Limoges PorcelainDiameter 16 centimeters - Height 22 centimeters (About 6 X 8,5 inches) Gilded in fine gold relief Limited Edition, Numbered and signed SOLD OUT

    312,00 €
  • Limoges porcelain tray. Hand-painted. Numbered and signed. Gilded with fine gold. 6,5 x 8 inches. Made in France. Alow 2 weeks for receving your order with personalisation  

    280,00 €
  • Gilt Limoges Porcelain Round Box "Les oiseaux du Président"Hand-painted. Numbered and signed.Gilt with fine gold.Lenght 1,77 inch.Height 5,5 inches.Width 4 inchesLimoges porcelain - Made entirely in France. You will receive your Gilt Limoges Porcelain Round Box within 2 weeks.

    319,00 €
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