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Porcelain Gifts for her

  • Small Gold Stardust Keepsake Box - Poussière d'Or CollectionHand-painted in our atelier in ParisLimoges porcelain box with gold relief and fine gold leafNumbered and signedMade in FranceBox measures: 12 x 12 cm and height of 4,5 cm - about 5 X 5 inches - 1,3 inchesYou will receive your Small Gold Stardust Keepsake Box beautifully packaged in a blue Laure...

    250,00 €
  • Necklace and Earrings Porcelain Jewelry Set: "Love" CollectionHand-painted Limoges porcelain set of jewels.Numbered and signed.Gold embossed.Pendant: 0.78 inch.Made in France. You will receive your order within 2 weeks.  

    248,00 €
  • Valentine "Red Hearts" Porcelain Jewelry Set - Gilt Limoges porcelain. Hand-painted, numbered and signed. Gilded with fine gold.1.9x1.5 inches. Made entirely in France. Allow between five to seven days before shipment of your order.

    299,00 €
  • French Home Decor: Vivaldi Collection Pharmacy Jar - 15 cmFine French Limoges porcelain collectible jarHand-PaintedGilded with fine goldGold embossedNumbered and signedDimensions: 15 centimetersMade in France  You will receive your Vivaldi Collection Pharmacy Jar within 2 weeks.

    236,00 €
  • French Porcelain Flower Pot or Planter - Roses and LilacsLimoges PorcelainHand-paintedGilt with fine goldNumbered and signedHeight : about 4,3  inches and width about 3,9 inches.You will receive your Rose and Lilacs French Porcelain Flower Pot / Planeter, overseas, after one to two weeks.

    299,00 €
  • Luxury Gift from France: Exception Collection Ceramic Jar - 20 cmFrench porcelain from Limoges.Hand-painted.Gilded with fine gold and platinium.Numbered and signed.Height 20 centimetres (8 inches) diameter 9 centimeters (3.5 inches)Made in France. You should receive your Luxury Gift from France: Exception Collection Ceramic Jar within 15 days. 

    285,00 €
  • Luxury "Diva" Collection French Porcelain Necklace - Made in FranceA work of art on Limoges Porcelain.Each detail is hand painted with precious metals, gold or platinum.Pendant: 3x1 inches.Chain (fine gold): 16 inches.Made in France.Allow between 1 and 2 weeks before shipment of your order.

    250,00 €
  • Fine French Limoges porcelain collectible jar.Hand-Painted.Gilded with fine gold.Gold embossed.Numbered and signed.Dimensions: 3.54 x 7.87 inches.Made in France.  You will receive your order within 2 weeks.

    236,00 €
  • Hand-painted porcelain Tray from Limoges.Gilded with fine gold.Gold embossed.Numbered and signed.Length:10.5 inchesWide: 7 inches.Made in France.Allow between one and two weeks before shipment of your order.

    322,50 €
  • EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION Limoges Porcelain Box, numbered 1.ONLY twenty of these porcelain boxes will ever be made.There is only one left. Length 14,5 cm, width 8,5 cm, Height 3,5 centimeters (about 6 X 3,5 X 1,4 inches) Allow one week for delivery.

    250,00 €
  • Personalized Luxury Gift Ensemble: Limoges Porcelain Jewelry Box with Heart NecklaceHand-painted with gold and platinum.Heart pendant:  1 x 1 inch; chain in fine gold measures about 15.5 inches.Jewelry box measures 2.5 inches high, 2.5 inches long and 2 inches wide.You can personalize both the box and necklace. See below.  Receive your order Personalized...

    299,00 €
  • "Soleil Infini" Limoges Porcelain BoxHand-painted with fine goldNumbered and signedDiameter 16 centimeters (about 6 inches) and Height 9 centimeters (about 3.5 inches)Made in France Allow 2 weeks for receiving your "Soleil Infini" Limoges Porcelain Box with Gold Butterfly from France.

    325,00 €
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