An artisanal know-how unique to France Combining creativity of the fine arts with artisanal know-how, Laure Selignac opened its doors in 1919. In 1919, Jean Larat created the company with his wife and named it " Paris Style ". His daughter was born in the same year. He named her daughter Laure Sélignac (the last name of his wife) Larat as he found a new method of decoration: to put embossed gold on porcelains.
Laure, who inherits the talent of her parents has also become an excellent painter. She started to manage the company with his father at first and she had to run the firm by herself when the family had to be apart during the Second World War. However, they survived in the war and Laure got back together with his father after the war! In 1993 where Laure decided to retire, the new president decided to change the company name into Laure Sélignac in order to honor his former director who devoted her whole to her beloved career.Originally, this small family business devoted to exquisite decorative porcelain was called Paris Style.

In 2009, the company received the highly respected and coveted award of “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) delivered by the French government to those firms who demonstrate excellence in their respect and application of traditional and industrial skills unique to France.

A Savoir-Faire Respected throughout the World Elegantly decorated in gold relief, each creation is unique and completed using traditional artisanal methods. Artisan of extremely high-standing, the Maison Laure Selignac has an outstanding international reputation and works with several of the most well-known luxury brands.

Today, Laure Selignac creates more than 4500 pieces of french limoges porcelain per year.

The team at Maison Laure Selignac takes pride in sharing their knowledge of this treasured art form with others through annual competitions and their featured role at the Festival des Metiers Hermes.


Collaborations with some of the most well-known luxury brands Whether it is luxurious porcelain jewellery or decorative pieces for the home and/or table, Maison Laure Selignac seduces many of the most respected names in hotels, restaurants, fashion and even politics.

Regardless for whom they are working – be it the famous Tour d’Argent, Hotel le Crillon, le Chateau de Versailles or the Caron, just to name a few—our artisans take to heart even the most demanding requests from our clients.

The Festival des Metiers Hermes: Window onto the World of Exceptional Artisanship Amongst Laure Selignac’s many accolades, the privileged relationship with Hermes as a routine participant in the Festival des Metiers highlights the level of confidence such prestigious clients have in the craftsmanship of Laure Selignac even beyond the elegant porcelain pieces hand-painted exclusively for them. The painters of Laure Selignac have participated for numerous years in the Festival des Metiers Hermes in France and abroad. This event is a unique opportunity for the public to discover the areas of fine craftsmanship within the Hermes family and an ideal venue for our painters to demonstrate their unique skills in gilded porcelain.


Since 2008, Laure Selignac has organized an annual competition with the objective of promoting the savoir-faire of amateur and professional artisans specialized in the art of decorative porcelain and rewarding them for their creativity and expertise. The number of outstanding participants returning each year to compete in the Prix Laure Selignac has attracted the support and participation of many highly respected judges including : Laurence Benguigui, Laurent Wauquiez, former French President Valéry Giscard D’Estaing, Jean Rochefort and Nathalie Baye. All were inspired by this unique event which highlights this rare art form still practiced today.

The Rich History of Laure Selignac. . .

Laure Selignac has a history rich in traditions. It was in 1919, after returning from the war, that Monsieur Larat created his first atelier in Paris. Prior to the war, he had worked in several small porcelain workshops which were popular at the time. All of these ateliers worked according to the strictest methods of the Manufacture Royale of Sèvres, renown for producing exceptional artists.

By 1950, Monsieur Larat had grown the business and decided to name it Paris Style. Thanks to his savoir-faire and the artists he trained, the quality of his porcelain continued to grow. The group would continue to evolve and eventually became known as Laure Selignac.

This prestigious history of Laure Selignac is not forgotten. Today, our team in Paris continues to instill every piece of French porcelain with the same passion and precision as Monsieur Larat. We have continued to respect his rules on quality, production methods and the use of traditional tools and materials. Our respect for traditional methods makes us truly unique as we are one of the last porcelain makers in France to paint every piece entirely by hand.

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