Offrez un Pot à pharmacie personnalisé




Entirely hand-painted and personalized to your tastes and needs, our elegant apothecary jars or traditional pharmacy pots are each numbered and signed by the artist.  The caduceaus for pharmacy, the details in fine gold. . . can all be personalized with specific dates, names, locations . . . or the event itself!

Pharmacy jars date back centuries. Originally fine porcelain had not yet been discovered and so the earliest jars were made from clay.  They were called “apothecary jars” and traditionally used to store medicinal plants.

When faience (a type of ceramic) was discovered, it became the obvious choice for doctors to use.

Ultimately, it was an apothecary who discovered the kaolin mines of Saint Yrieix near Limoges in 1768.  Shortly thereafter apothecary jars (or our pharmacy pots today) started to be made primarily in fine porcelain, in particular from Limoges.

Today, Laure Selignac takes great pride in giving homage to this traditional pharmacy pot as we offer you a wide selection of both modern and traditional styles.


cadeau thèse médecine


According to Greek mythology, the god Hermes exchanged a lyre for a golden baton with his half-brother Apollo.  Later, Hermes wanted to use it to separate two serpents that he found along his path but the serpents became intertwined around the baton instead.

From that day forward, the baton with two interlaced serpents has been associated with this story and come to be known as the caduceus.  In reality, its origins are even more ancient.  Even prior to these stories told in Greek mythology, the serpent was considered a symbol of high importance.  It was in Sumer (Iraq) that we find the first representations of two intertwined serpents on a baton.

In the XIXth century, a well-know medical publisher had the idea to print Hermes’ caduceaus on his books as a logo for the collection.  However, the emblem soon became associated with the medical profession itself which was developing quickly at that time.

Replacement of Hermes’ Caduceaus

Knowing the characteristics of Hermes, many felt another emblem was needed to better represent the medical profession. Hence, the serpent of Asklepios wrapping itself around a baton was chosen by the majority of medical institutions throughout the world including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pharmacists replaced the baton of Asklepios with the cup of Hygie who is the goddess of health.

Today, at Laure Selignac, we offer eleven different decors and five different sizes of pharmacy jar with the caduceus of your choice.  You decide!

Give the ultimate thesis gift to someone special . . . a personalized pharmacy jar which can be used at home or in the office (for anything from cotton balls to spices. . .). The choice is yours.