How to Recognize High Quality Porcelain?

The use of fine quality porcelain for grand occasions or as decoration in the foyers of noble homes is a tradition which dates back centuries. Symbol of luxury and sophisiticated tastes for rare objects of high artistic value, these veritable gems are passed from one generation to the next without ever loosing their beauty or shine. 

Yet, not all porcelain is created the same. Not all porcelain posseses the same qualities. 

Quality Limoges Porcelain from Laure Selignac


Consistent and Pure

The process of making porcelain requires a delicate hand and is subject to high standards.

To select the best porcelain, there are several techniques that can give you an edge. 

First of all, you should pass your hand over the porcelain and feel if there are any irregularites on the surface. Next, hold it up to a light and do a test for transparency keeping in mind that the finer the porcelain is the greater its quality and inherent value. 


The Maison Laure Selignac: Know-how of Exceptional Quality

The Maison Laure Selignac has always given special attention to the quality of each porcelain piece produced.  Each piece of Limoges porcelain is chosen with care and verified that it meets our strictest standards of pure white transparency. Then, each piece is carefully painted by hand in our atelier. Every gold or platinum relief is placed with caution under the unique expertise of our artisans. 

The creations of Laure Selignac adapt to interior styles and marry perfectly with today's modern interior designs in a variety of ambiances. In the living room, in the bedroom, kitchen or bath. . . Laure Selignac porcelain accents your home beautifully. 

In summary, when selecting your porcelain. . .

  • Verify the transparency of the porcelain: Hold your porcelain up to a light looking for areas of trasparency and purity.
  • Verify the "whiteness" of the enamel: A fine French piece of decorative porcelain is a porcelain that is pure white.
  • Verify the quality of the gold as well as its application.
  • Touch the porcelain to identify any irregularities. There should not be any holes or bumps.
  • Verify the consistency and quality of the colors used. . . they should be intense and easy to see in the light, painted with confidence and skill. 
Now, you know the secret to selecting the best fine porcelain for your collection. Visit the Maison Laure Selignac to discover our collectible pieces of fine porcelain. 
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