On September 19, 1919, Jean Larat and his wife founded the company called Paris Style. A few month later, their daughter Laure was born. We will never know if the name Laure was chosen in relation to the Embossed Gold work! Laure inherits the talent of her parents and also became a creative painter on porcelain.

In 1943, after a few years of practice, Laure ran the company alone since her father's retirement. From the beginning of the 1950s, she began to export luxury porcelain from her workshop to the United States.

In 1951, a portrait of Laure is painted by hand by Mary. It is on display in our Arc de Triomphe shop.

In 1993, the year Laure retired after her 50 years of leadership, the new president, Mrs.De Rambure, changed the name of the company to honor her former president LAURE SELIGNAC (Larat). Under her leadership, the workshop develops new partnerships with Asian countries, especially Japan.

In 2000, Mrs. Alexandra Groussard starts to manage the workshop and exports the French know-how of the house around the world. She decided to keep some timeless collections but also to innovate and modernize by creating new collections with painters based on the rare know-how of the house.