French Porcelain Vase - Tourbillon d'Or - Personalised Gift Selection

French Porcelain Vase - Tourbillon d'Or - Personalised Gift Selection
Hand painted with embossed gold leaf.
Color : dark purple
Height about 10 inches and diameter about 7 inches.
umbered and signed.

You will receive your personalised gift selection, a French Porcelain Vase, overseas after one to two weeks.

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690,00 €

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Are you looking for a personalised gift selection this holiday season?  This unique vase from our Tourbillon d'Or Collection is the ultimate in luxury Limoges porcelain. Our artists were inspired by the festive activities here in Paris and created this design to represent that wonderful spirit of giving, of hope and of happiness.

The Tourbillon d'Or Collection brings joy year round with its rich arabesques that intertwine and lift us into another world. This French porcelan vase is sure to be a discussion piece in your home this holiday season. 

Combine this French porcelain vase with other pieces from the Tourbillon d'Or Collection and create your own personalised gift selection. As always, we are happy to add initials or a short text to any piece of our porcelain. Just ask.  

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