Limoges Cat Box

Porcelain box, hand-painted and detailed in fine gold. 
Gilded with fine gold.
Length 2,8 cm (1,10 inches), Width 2,1 cm (0.9 inch), Height 3,8 centimeters (1,5 inches).
Made in France.


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A very long time ago, in the French countryside, there lived a cat called Selinor. She lived with her master, Francoise.

One day, Francoise lost her job and soon became penniless. Selinor could not bear to see her master living in such rough conditions.  He decided to go out and try to find this precious metal called gold.

However, it was a journey full of pitfalls but Selinor did not despair. One day, he came across a magician who offered to turn him completely into gold. Selinor agreed without hesitation. His master could sell him and become rich!

That same day, Francoise decided to leave in search of her dear cat and discovered a gold nugget just at the entrance of her door! She was speechless as she realized what Selinor had done for her. . .

Ever since that day, the Selinor cat has become recognized as a truly faithful companion who will protect your home.

This unique Limoges Cat porcelain box, featuring the Selinor cat, has a hundred uses. . . pill box, toothfairy box, jewelry box. This box is perfect as a gift or to complete your collection.