"Victoire" Porcelain Cachepot

Porcelain Cachepot - SOLD
Limoges Porcelain
Hand Painted,
Gilded with fine Gold,
Edition with only five creations made. 

Diameter 11 centimeters (about 4,5 inches) Height 11,5 centimeters (about 4,5 inches)

You will received your Porcelain Cachepot within one week.

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Discover our decorative planter from the “Dragonflies of Springtime” Collection
For this month’s exclusive sale, Laure Selignac is offering a luxurious, decorative planter from the “Dragonflies of Springtime.” This beautiful flower pot is being made as a Limited Edition with only 5 ever made. The white Limoges porcelain is painted entirely by hand and detailed in fine gold with extreme caution and know-how.
An insect carved in silk paper, delicately and lightly, with wings of lace and refined legs are of a divine “délicatesse.”
The dragonfly is a symbol of metamorphosis and transformation for numerous cultures across the world. It is said that if you happen upon this animal at some time during your life, a great change is about to take place. . .
In Japan, the dragonfly is often associated with the samurai. In fact, for the Japanese, the dragonfly symbolizes strength, courage and even victory. For a long time, it was nicknamed “kachimushi” which means “insect of victory.” Indeed, the dragonfly has the unique trait of never doing a U-turn. It can fly backwards but always faces forward, just as a samurai always faces an adversary without ever turning their back regardless of the situation.

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