Limoges Ashtray Muguet

Limoges France Porcelain Ashtray,
Hand Painted,
Painted Embossed.
Numbered and signed, 
Dimensions 13,5 centimetres on 13, 5 centimeters (about five by five inches).

Your Limoges France Porcelain Astray will arivve in about seven days.

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172,50 €

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Muguet, Lily of the Valley, May Bells. . . this beautiful flower goes by many names!
Dating back to th Renaissance, King Charles IX of France was presented with the flower on May 1st 1561. He liked it so much that he presented the flowers to the ladies of his court and so the tradition began of offering this flower as a symbol of affection and good wishes.

The Lily of the Valley Collection at Laure Selignac is composed of a rich green color which immediately reminds us of the bright days of spring. You can even see the brush details of the artists.
Of course, giving a gift of muguet or Lily of the Valley is the act of giving for pleasure but also a symbol of good wishes. . . .

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